We are working with Garajonay National Park in the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism. We watch out for our electricity, water and resources consumption so that we are as sustainable as possible in our operations. We are surrounded by ocean, but the water we use comes exclusively from rain water, not from desalination, and it is not as abundant as in northern areas, rich in rivers and lakes. This water is crucial also for the environment, agriculture and of course the population. The least each of us consumes, the more we will have to share.

Regarding our water-saving innitiatives, we have installed water-saving devices on all apartments and garden irrigation. We are removing all bathtubs. We have reduced towels change frequency and have instructed all our personnel on water saving behaviors.

Being a lodging, there is only so much we can do on our own. We need our guests understanding and cooperation to really make a difference in our environment. This is specially important being on an island. Just an example on how much water we actually use up if we are not carefull:

  1. Brushing our teeth: 20 L.
  2. Taking a bath: 350 L.
  3. A 15 minutes shower: 200 L.
  4. Shaving (5 minutes) approximately 60 L.
  5. Washing dishes: 50 L.
  6. Flushing the toilet: 15 L per time.

Here are some basic tips to save water and that you can add to your daily life, too:

  1. Don’t allow leaks. We check all our facilities, but in case you discover a leak, let us know asap.
  2. The toilet is not a waste basket.
  3. While brushing up your teeth, close the tab.
  4. Keep your showers short. Turn water off while lathering up. If you feel like you need a nice long shower, maybe just head to the pool and dip in for a while.
  5. When washing dishes, mind the amount of water. A quick rinse first, then soaping and later water again to rinse is usually enough.

We hope that, with everyone’s effort, we will be able to save as much water as possible, something  really important now that Summer is here and the island is filled with extra visitors.