Have you ever returned to a place you knew long ago and thought “pity, it looked nicer last time I was here”? Tourism has had impact on villages, forests, seaside areas… And most of it not for good. It is possible to maintain the charm, environment and uniqueness of a place and benefit from tourism at the same time. It is possible with the collaboration of Institutions, companies and also tourists. La Gomera is deeply invested in that aim. We are Biosphere Reservation, have several Natural Reserves and, of course, Garajonay National Park.

We are glad to belong to that movement for Sustainable Tourism with our collaboration on the European Charter of Garajonay National Park. We love our little island as it is, a green paradise for trekking where people can come back and think “it even looks better than before”. We will keep up our efforts towards that goal.

So today let’s celebrate eco-tourism and remember, no matter how little you can do, it will be worth it.