I have just read a really nice blog article. It was about how now being occupied defines our whole life. Specially when living on a big city, we are always booked up. There is no free time, no time to get bored, play, think… And if there is a break, we are fast to grab our phones, tablets or laptops in the search of something to keep our minds racing with images, words, anything but our own thoughts.

While reading it I reflected… “Lucky me, I work on a hotel”, meaning I deal mostly with people who are on vacations. That means, they are on this very moment when they can enjoy their time, relax, reflect, get a bit bored even. But that got me thinking. Do they? Because having the opportunity to do it… Does not mean you are actually taking advantage of that opportunity.

On my last holidays I spent some of my time just thinking. I made some great decisions that I know I will never regret. Decisions I took while floating lazily mid-afternoon on a swimming pool.

So, when you come to visit us, or wherever you go to on your next trip, I just want you to remember this advice. Give yourself the gift of plan-free time. Take that time to think, to plan, to watch, to listen, to smile, to enjoy and do nothing else. By the way, by our pool is an amazing place to do all of the above. 😉