Packing your bags in May and June, an option for the privileged.

The Canary Islands (and La Gomera) are one of the few popular beach travel destinations that can claim to be busy almost all year round. The eternal Spring attracts many Europeans, especially during its Winter season.

Ironically, it is precisely during Spring that the Canary Islands show their best and emptiest face.

Why is that? Because Europeans have already enjoyed their warm Winter holidays, and Spaniards and Canarians will not have their Summer vacation until July. So if you are one of those who took some days off in May or June, congratulations!

Museum Ethnographic Park Los Telares

Pro: Perfect for a romantic getaway

These wonderful shots of you and your loved one in a natural setting with absolutely no one around? Either you're an early riser or you'll never get them unless you travel in the low season, when there are far fewer to no people in the most popular spots.

Pro: Actual Springtime

Yes, La Gomera can get prettier, and that is in Springtime. Still very green, with many flowers, wonderful skies and mild ocean temperature. But not so hot as to not be able to trekk during the midday hours.

Pro: Budget-friendly

From plane tickets to lodgings, your low season trip will cost you a fraction.

Con: Some others left for holidays, too

Many restaurants and attractions will be closed for vacation. But those available will surely greet you with gusto!

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