La Gomera is often seen as a remote paradise with a green heart. It seems unaffected by climate change or pollution, with only the occassional Sahara desert sand on the sky and plenty of cloudy nights for the rainforest to get its much needed water. But unfortunately, Climate Change is everywhere, and The Canary Islands are not immune to it.

This beautiful island relies heavily on its limited water resources for its fields and home consumption. Dams are at historic lows and some towns have declared they will have to close the water supply during the night-time. As responsible travelers, it’s crucial to adopt water-saving habits to help preserve this precious resource. Here’s how you can contribute during your stay:

Brush your teeth with the water off

Bathroom etiquette

One of the simplest ways to save water is by reducing the time you spend in the shower. Aim for showers that are under five minutes. You can even set a timer or play a song you like to help you keep track.
It goes without saying: taking a luxurious bath is an absolute NO.
Other saving habits are: turning off the tap while brusing your teeth. Only flush the toilet when necessary. Avoid using it as a trash can for other items that can be disposed of in a waste bin.

Laundry full load

Washing etiquette

Please check the booked property policy on towels and sheets change. If your towel and sheets change are included, please do not use the washing machine available during your stay. If not, cleaning them once a week is more than enough for sanitary purposes.
If your holiday home has a dishwasher or washing machine, ensure you only run them with full loads. This maximizes the efficiency of water usage.


Kitchen etiquette

When washing dishes by hand, fill a bowl with water instead of letting the tap run continuously. This method is much more water-efficient.

Report leaks

Report Leaks Immediately

A dripping tap or a leaking toilet can waste a considerable amount of water. Report any leaks to the property manager immediately so they can be fixed promptly.

By incorporating these habits into your daily routine, you can help La Gomera manage its water resources more effectively during this challenging time. Your efforts, combined with those of other conscientious visitors, can make a significant difference in preserving the island’s natural beauty and resources for future generations. Enjoy your stay while being a responsible and considerate guest!