La Gomera is an island whose greatest attraction is its virgin nature. Deserted beaches, cliffs, paths and small charming villages, responsible and respectful behavior help maintain its singular charm.The following are National Park visiting rules than can be applied to your visit and to the rest of the island.

Garajonay National Park visiting rules:

  1. Stay on the marked paths.
  2. Do not disturb plants or animals.
  3. Follow the directions of the Park staff.
  4. Contribute to the Park maintenance, give suggestions and facilitate the achievement of its conservational goal.
  5. Do not use appliances or loud noises. Listen to the sounds of nature and respect its silences. Everyone is entitled to enjoy the Park.
  6. Do not throw away litter. It is recommended that each one returns with his own garbage. In any case use the litter bins properly to facilitate the collection of garbage.
  7. Beware of fire. Do not smoke inside the forest or ignite BBQs or other cooking appliances except in recreational areas upgraded for this, when weather conditions are adequate.
  8. Neither camping nor bivouac are permitted.
  9. Bicycles are allowed on the paved roads and most of the sand tracks, except those for which prohibition is strictly indicated. Bicycles are not allowed on the Park trails.
  10. At recreational areas, it’s forbidden to play football and other sports that could damage the natural grass.


  1. We should be aware of the weather forecast, decide the adequate footwear and comfortable warm clothing. Never start a trek with fog if you do not know the way perfectly. In any case, if you get lost in the fog, it is recommended to stay where you are and keep calm.
  2. If you walk a mountain path, get as near as possible to the wall, beware of falling stones and avoid the edge of the path.
  3. If you are trekking on your own, please notify someone of where you are headed to.
  4. You should take a light backpack with raincoat, water bottle and food (chocolate, dried nuts…) sun cream, sunglasses, hat, mobile phone with charged battery.
  5. Also take a torch, and maybe a small first-aid kit, even binoculars and a compass. Also take a couple plastic bags for your clothing and/or rubbish.
  6. There are certain basic education rules, e.g. not stepping over crops, no littering, no loud noises, don’t cut plants, etc.
  7. Do not leave the marked paths. The environment conservation requires absolute respect for restricted areas.
  8. Be extremely cautious with fire, cigarette-ends, etc…
  9. Make the tour with calm, so that you enjoy nature.