Prior to any voyage there’s a decision-making phase. The most important matter, the one that defines every question after it, is “Where are we going on vacations?”. Decision isn’t easy. Each one of us makes it because of a different reason. If you are just reading this post, it means you are the sort of person that looks for information first.

So let’s work with some facts. Let’s suppose you have decided to come to the Canary Islands. You love the Atlantic Ocean and the tropical climate. Then you have to make a second decision, just as important as the first one. Which island are you going to visit? People might think they are very alike, being so near one of each other, and all that. But the aren’t. Putting it in short, we can define all of them with one single sentence:


Tenerife - El Teide
Tenerife – El Teide

Contrasts of a lush north and desert-like south, with El Teide as it’s main symbol.


Gran Canaria - Maspalomas sand
Gran Canaria – Maspalomas sand

Typical sun and beach touristic destination, with great beaches and LGTB nightlife.

Fuerteventura - The Sahara extended
Fuerteventura – The Sahara extended


A small desert surrounded by emerald waters, with great golden sand beaches great for kite and windsurfing (watch out, wind!).

Lanzarote - volcanic landscapes
Lanzarote – volcanic landscapes


It’s landscape has been defined by the recent volcanic eruptions, that have left most its surface with a moonlike look.

La Palma - green mountains
La Palma – green mountains


A beautiful green island with plenty trekking routes.

Diving at El Hierro
Diving at El Hierro


The smallest, very welcoming. Ideal for diving lovers.

The heart of La Gomera - Garajonay
The heart of La Gomera – Garajonay


A small tropical bonbon with a green heart.

Maybe this has helped to difference them all, maybe not. But, as we are based on only one of the islands, let’s think one of your top options is La Gomera (my personal favorite). You might have heard of it, and you think it offers what you want. So let me make a brief definition:

It is a beautiful island, full of contrasts, with deep valleys, different landscapes one after another. The north and center are emerald green, with unique forests. The south is arid, filled with cactus and palmtrees. Garajonay, it’s National Park, is a beautiful virgin rainforest covering 10% of the island’s surface. It has only 60 Km. diameter, but it seems much more. It’s very quiet, ideal for rural tourism. It has thousands of corners not even I know of. There are few tourists, mostly german, french and dutch, which enjoy trekking around.

Still not sure of your pick? You can check the official Canary Islands Tourism website for more info.