Your mates will be impressed with your neverending stream of facts about La Gomera.

Here you will learn the type of info that help you impress your companions during your trip.

1. The Canarian Palm Tree or Phoenix Canariensis

Few know this, but the canarian palm trees of La Gomera are protected by the Government. Not only that, but also there is a palm trees census that identifies them. Also, the metallic ring on their stem is placed there to avoid mice from climbing up.

Lanzarote - volcanic landscapes

2. A volcanic island?

La Gomera is the oldest of the Canarian Islands, as it is the one that has spent the longest without volcanic activity. There remains only 1 volcano in the whole of the island. The rest have been eroded so that only their chimney can be seen. They have become the Rocks that stand out on several parts of the island.

3. What is left of the aborigines

The goats, the shepherds jump, the traditional ceramic, the palm tree sap harvesting, the whistle and the gofio. These elements of the gomeran traditional identity where adopted from the aborigines, that were also colonizers of what were then virgin and uninhabited islands.

Ermita de El Cedro

4. Humankind Patrimony by the UNESCO

La Gomera has 2 Humankind Patrimonies: The Gomeran Whistle and the Forest of El Cedro. The first, as a cultural heritage, and the second as natural patrimony.

5. Pirates "visited" La Gomera, too

Though their intentions were less than friendly. They pillaged the shores of the island frequently. One of the most “popular” attractions was the Church of La Asuncion in San Sebastian. It needed reconstructing several times (that is why you can see a mixture of styles on it).

A volcano in the sea

6. Garajonay National Park isn't the only protected landscape

The island has no less than other 17 protected areas. The best known are: The Natural Monuments of Roque Cano (Vallehermoso), La Fortaleza (the fortress), the cliff of Los Organos (the organs), the Rocks or the Charco del Conde (Valle Gran Rey) as scientific interest area.