This month we are specially proud of our director. She has been listed on the section “Canarios con Buena Energía” (Canarian with good energy) at Binter Canarias airlines NT Magazine. This issue of September portrays both Luisa Trujillo and Héctor Mancha, just awarded as the best magician of the world. Past issues included other celebrities such as the soccer player Valerón, the actress Goya Toledo, tennis player Carla Suarez or  composer Diego Navarro.

Her merit is following the steps of her mother in offering an opportunity for artisans all around the island to maintain their traditional crafts while selling their products to tourists. This is the translation of the article:

“Do you have anything I can buy? Come back in a month and I’ll sort something out.”

So begins the story of one of the Canary Island’s most charismatic entrepreneurs, Maruca Gamez, from Los Telares in Hermigua (La Gomera Island). Deceased a year ago, today her only daughter Luisa Trujillo and her grandchildren Ana and Luis carry the baton. That woman with strong personality, obsessed with literacy, teacher and school headmistress, received the visit of a tourism agent interested in where to buy handicrafts and local products. No public institution assisted then. She created a small artisans center and involved women of her town. Today it is an Ethnographic Exhibit with a Water Gofio Mill, eco-orchard, shop, apartments with pool, gardens and café. Luisa is, once more, the leading force of many artisans in the island. It’s in her genes.

See article (in Spanish) here