In 2016, the European Day of Parks (EDoP) focused on the theme “A Taste of Nature”. Over 300 activities were organised across Europe related to gastronomy: culinary workshops, show-cooking events with local and seasonal products and guided tours on edible plants were some of the events in the parks’ agenda.

Following the European Day of Parks 2016, and with the occasion of the 16th of October – World Food Day, EUROPARC Federation is pleased to present you:

A Taste of Nature – European Day of Parks Recipes Book

This book is an initiative led by EUROPARC Federation, with the support from Slow Food International and it was only possible thanks to the contributions that some European parks made following their activities on the EDoP 2016. Garajonay National Park is represented through the traditional gomeran recipe for “Sancocho”, as stew served with coriander sauce. Want to see the video?

As you tour the pages, you will discover parks from across Europe, sharing a selection of popular recipes using ingredients found locally in these protected areas. Some parks even sent us a film of their recipes! So tour on them on our YouTube Playlist: Taste of Nature.

EUROPARC invites you to experiment with the different recipes and learn more about the protected areas and products involved in their preparation. Go and visit them for yourselves where you can truly enjoy and Eat the View!

Bon appétit!