Few days ago, between weather forecasts and international politics, our news outlets had (finally) good news to tell. The Michelin guide, renowned for seeking far and wide for the brightest of international cuisine, has awarded Spain restaurants with more of it’s notorious stars. This confirms what we already knew, Spain is a country of good dining, great ingredients and culinary artistry. Tenerife validates another year the 2 stars of M.B. by Martin Berasategui and with one star the restaurants Abama Kabuki, El Rincón de Juan Carlos and Kazan. Furthermore, one of this prized stars has been newly awarded to a cosy 5-tables restaurant in La Laguna city center. The restaurant Nub becomes so one of the hot spots you should not miss on your visit to our neighbour island.

Nevertheless, we needn’t Michelin telling us what we know very well: Canarian cuisine is exceptional. The fresh fish, the cheese, the gofio, the potatoes, palm syrup… ingredients necessary on traditional dishes, like the “escaldón”, or as inspiration for the new designs conceived in places like Nub. So here comes our advice: visiting and knowing Canarias and La Gomera is also, specially, flavouring it’s food and dishes.

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