Dear friends,

This last weeks we have lived with worry the situation of the fire in the area of El Cercado, a fire that has affected villages, fincas and woodlands of La Gomera’s west including a small portion of Garajonay National Park. We have also been contacted by some guests worried about their incoming vacations to the island and about the current situation of La Gomera, Garajonay National Park and our apartments Los Telares.

The guests that these days have stayed with us have been able to enjoy their vacations in our valley of Hermigua and our apartments, and we have daily informed them from our reception of parties, concerts, open-air activities and interest areas that they can visit. We have also been gathering updated information regarding the fire fighting progress and active areas. Our priority has been to allow our guests to get the best of their vacations.

We belong to the network of local companies belonging to the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism of Garajonay National Park, part of the Europark international initiative. These days we have been in touch with every company in  the Charter and the Direction of the National Park to receive updated information from every spot of the island and the fire fighting taskforce. In it’s 90%, the burn surface has been of palm trees, canarian pine (very resistant to fire) and bush. With the cooperation of all the gomerans, it will be blooming again this winter. Today, with relief and hope we see a future where we will work restless to help bring back the splendor of every landscape of La Gomera. We hope to receive your support as well. We are at your disposal for any information request and for your suggestions.

Up to now, the very positive evolution of the situation allows to visit by foot and road each time more areas of La Gomera, and also to enjoy our neighbor forest El Cedro, the heart of Garajonay National Park. The island also offers a large portfolio of open air activities, like dolphin and whale watching, mountain bike routes, diving, museums, beaches, trekking, etc. La Gomera is a Biosphere Reservation for it’s singular landscapes, it’s number of protected areas (besides the National Park) and it’s singular culture.

We are working endlessly in our Facebook website, offering you news, updates and events. You can access all that information here: We are also at your disposal for any information request you have regarding our National Park.

We hope to enjoy your company soon.

Best regards,

Luisa Gámez

Apartments Los Telares Director

Tel: (+34) 922 880 781