It is an initiative from Burrito La Gomera with the funding raised from the green lasso t-shirts.

Today you can start your suscription to the volunteer campaign for the “Reforestation Burrito La Gomera” promoted with the collaboration of the Association Tagaragunche and Garajonay National Park.

This initiative is the result of the campaign “Green lasso T-Shirts” started by the shop Burrito after the fire that affected La Gomera since August, with the aim to raise funds for the reforestation of the affected areas inside Garajonay National Park. As declared by the promoter, “we are requesting the solidarity and volunteer work to plant the trees that will become part of the forest of Garajonay National Park in the areas now devastated by the terrible wildfire this year”.

The reforestation campaign will be made the dates 1, 1, 6, 7, 8 and 9th of December. The dates 2 and 9th (Sundays) are for minors, accompanied by and adult and minimum age required 6 years old. The rest of the days only adults will attend.

The persons interested in participating shall suscribe as soon as possible directly at the shop or filling the form in this link: Because of the frailty of the areas, the groups will be limited. And so each person can only apply for one day, so that all the volunteers will be able to attend. The suscriptions will be processed in arrival order.

There will be free buses for the volunteers from San Sebastian Bus Station at 9:00 a.m. (please be there at 8:45 h), as well as a breakfast picnic, so no drinks or food is needed. Each volunteer shall be equipped with trekking / mountaineering boots, work clothing, warm clothing, rain protection, cap and sunblock cream. Also, the volunteers who have the lasso t-shirt should wear it. The returning to San Sebastian will be at 14:00 h. For any additional information, please contact