Dine with us next week

Here are the dinner menus offered in our restaurant PEG Los Telares for 12€/person, half menu for 9€/person (not including first course). Our meals are cooked daily, so if you wish to dine with us, we recommend you to book either directly at our reception or dialing (+34) 922 880 781. Vegetarian option (v) available only on request.

Sunday 22nd-Dec

Lentils soup
Gomeran tuna fish in traditional recipe with wrinkled potatoes and fresh salad
Vegetable lasagna and garden salad (v)
Gofio Mousse

Monday 23rd-Dec

Chickpeas casserole with pork ribs and rice
Vegetarian chickpeas casserole with rice (v)
Garden salad
Frangollo (traditional dessert from the Convent of Santo Domingo)

Tuesday 24nd-Dec


See menu

Wednesday 25th-Dec

Cream of green vegetable soup
Grated macaroni with homemade tomato basil sauce and garden salad
Fruit salad

Thursday 26th-Dec

Pumpkin cream
Grilled fish fillet with onions, green mojo sauce, boiled potatoes and fresh salad
Our vegetarian specialty and fresh salad (v)
Banana flambée

Friday 27th-Dec

Green colesaw and zucchini soup
“Carne fiesta” (local recipe of fried marinated pork) with french fries and fresh garden salad
Fresh garden maxi-salad with grilled cheese and palm honey topping (v)
Junket with homemade jam