The village of Hermigua will be hosting again the “Jazz Night” in Tasca Telémaco. The concert is the 4th edition of this classic date in Hermigua.

This year is back Santiago de la Muela, one of the best jazz guitar players of Spain, accompanied by Tempo Gomera Jazz Band.

Tempo Gomera Jazz Band, first and only jazz band in La Gomera, is still alive and kicking with jazz rhythms 3 years after it’s first concert. The band is formed by Gustavo Herrera (bass), Idilio Izquierdo (piano) and Carlos Malagón (drums and percussion). All 3 professional musicians have collaborated in a large number of musical ventures. Each concert they perform delivers a constellation of energies and passion.

Santiago de la Muela, the guest star of the night, is “one of the finest jazz guitar players of Spain and, also, an extraordinary composer that knows very well how and who with begin new jazz adventures”.

De la Muela, born in The Canary Islands and living in Madrid, graduated Cum Laude in Berklee College of Music in Boston (USA). Director, composer and solo performer, he has led many projects, recordings, festivals and jazz events, becoming a referent in Jazz on Spain.

Joining this group, the 4th edition of the “Jazz Night” will also host the canarian jazz singer Ana Valien, after her performance in San Sebastian Jazz Festival, and the madrillian pianist Jesús Bragado. The night will make a trip through jazz and musical theatre classics, as well as the fresh rhythms of bossa, soul or funky.