Los Telares is a rural tourism sustainable lodging with loads of charm. It all sounds like handmade finishings, recycled furniture, open log fire, recycled paper and probably chalkboards somewhere. All true.

But we also love our technology! We have WiFi, an awesome joomla website and loads of embarrassing selfies on our smartphones. That is why we have decided to put our WhatsApp to good use.

Few weeks away we begun sending welcome messages to our guests. That is, we inform our impending arrivals of their apartment number and how to get in it. Our intention, to avoid anyone getting worked up about their arriving schedule. Sometimes guests reply with queries or greetings, too. We reply back. It has become a very useful tool!

Of course, we still maintain our old ways and means, so for those without 3G, 4G or WiFi somewhere, they still have all information needed on Reception and the apartments. Just in case. Also, because not all guests have provided us with their mobile phone. If you have your reservation with us, please do, so we can help you, too!