For several months now in Los Telares we have established a collaboration with Miguel Limon to include tibetan singing bowls therapy in our wellness services. Now an article written by the news agency EFE is in the newspapers of our islands, so we would like to translate and share it with you:

Miguel Limón cuencoterapia
Miguel Limón

“The tibetan singing bowls therapy has arrived in La Gomera with the therapist Miguel Limón. He uses this ancient recipients whose noise, he says, helps to heal body, mind and emotions. These bowls were first used in the Himalaya, and are used in budist monasteries. Musicians do not fully understand their properties, as some have musical scales from all tones.

The metallic alloy was made with a special process that modern techniques are unable to copy, he says.
Miguel states that the universe is vibrating, and so every cell and organ in our body does too continuously at a given frequency. When an organ is healthy, his vibrational frequency is in harmony with the rest of the body, but when the frequency is altered the harmony is broken and diseases appear.

By the principle of reverberation it is possible to modify these altered frequencies, and that is what makes the sound of these bowls a therapeutic process able to open the door to the balance in body, mind and soul.

Limon explains that the sound adjusts the vibration in the person to the same frequency of the bowl, they vibrate in unison, balancing the energy of the body. The vibration also expands to the nervous system from the column, acting as a sound amplifier.

The therapist also states that the vibrations in the bowls allow to dissolve muscle contractures. Quartz bowls induce to deep relaxation and gongs increase self-healing processes, reduce stress and fatigue.