We are interviewed by RNE in "Canarias Mediodía" on our 50th birthday

Los Telares is celebrating its 50th anniversary with an eventful agenda throughout 2020. These 50 years, a whole life dedicated to Tourism as a family business.

Here is the transcript of the interview with our director Luisa Trujillo.

The tourist company Los Telares on La Gomera celebrates its 50th anniversary this year. And it will do so in a special way throughout these 12 months. Los Telares has been working in the tourism sector of La Gomera since 1970, a story that was started by its founder, Doña Maruca Gámez. Currently its director is Luisa Trujillo. Good afternoon, Luisa

Hello, good afternoon.

Welcome to Canarias Mediodía. As the song says, “20 years is nothing”, but 50 years is a life.

A life, yes. Thank you very much for the congratulations.

You’re going to celebrate it all through 2020.

Yes, we have an agenda of activities from Open Days, Exhibitions, Talks, a special birthday party, of course… A lot of things. We’ll soon have the agenda with all the activities of the year.

You are pioneers in Sustainable Tourism, right?

Sustainable were our grandparents, but we got lost along the way. Now we have to go back to that original sustainability.

You have continued in this half century to grow, to evolve… Has that been the key, knowing how to adapt?

I think so, yes. When you live in an environment like La Gomera… Surrounded by the people, the village, the visitors… You know how to adapt if you listen to them.

Because growing up is not incompatible with respecting our environment, traditional values… That’s what Hermigua and Agulo are all about. It was necessary that space of logical growth.

Tourism is a stream of money that reaches everyone. From the bar, the shops, transportations… It’s a tourism that helps sustainability. It helps the whole area grow together. In rural areas it is a good contribution to the economy.

Gofio mill inside our PEG Los Telares, The Ethnographic Park of La Gomera.

You’ve been able to adapt, that’s what I want to stress. The online presence, the web… have they been key to this present and future development?

Of course they are. If you’re not online, you don’t exist for anyone. Nowadays all of us who are going to travel start to know the destination through the websites, from the customer reviews that tell us if there is a good restaurant nearby, a nice beach, a nice path… If you’re not there, you don’t exist.

How wonderful… Even for the tickets to the Ethnographic Park of La Gomera. There they are in your online shop.

Yes, we have a website that we just renovated in 2020. There you can buy the ticket and the ticket with tasting. Because from our coffee terrace we offer local products: almogrote, potatoes, tuna with mojo… local gastronomy products. It is a set within a traditional farm with exhibition spaces, organic farm … As it could not be otherwise.

Great, because I promise to celebrate it too, happy birthday and congratulations on those 50 years.