Stones engraved by thousands of lives.

Listen. Can you hear anything? The stones of La Gomera have a story to tell you.

A story etched into the memory of each of the inhabitants of this island and transmitted from parents to children, since the first settlers arrived there, some 2000 years ago.

A story that tells of volcanoes, of water, of struggle, of strength, of hard work, of pain and suffering, of effort… but also a story that tells of spirituality, of rewards, of love for the land, of life… of the future.

A story that cannot fail to move you. Would you like to learn to listen to the stones of La Gomera? Welcome.

Where: Casa Bencomo, access through the Tourist Information Point in San Sebastian, by the Church of La Asunción.

Casa Bencomo
Patio of Casa Bencomo
Oficina de Turismo
New Tourist information Office in San Sebastian