Open from today 9th of May, the exhibit that reached the Museum Casa Colón (Columbus House) in San Sebastian of La Gomera will remain until the 11th of June 2012.

The collection baptised “El Mar” (The Sea) gathers the work of eight photographers specialised in seabeds, all of the from the Canary Islands and with a well-known carreer: Carlos Andrades, Carlos Borbones, David Barrios, Enrique Fernández Souto, Javier Madinaveitia, Joaquín García Vera, Juanmi Alemany and Julio Díaz Sangil, with the coordination of Alejandro Delgado de Molina.

The collection appeared with the intent to value one of the treasures of the Canary Islands natural heritage: it’s seabeds. It’s quality, the unique species and the optimal conditions for diving has fascinated sub-aquatic amateurs all over the world and has made the archipelago one of the reference international centers for diving and, in particular, for submarine photography. Here there are celebrated several important national and international competitions.

These eight photographers present here their best images of the marine life of The Canary Islands. With this exhibit their intent is to highlight one of the activities related with the ocean that has put the islands in the international event’s map, and offers a tour to this great natural treasure of the island whose enjoyment, though, is not accessible to everybody. This exhibit wants to allow everybody to see how extraordinary the island’s seabeds are and the need to their protection.