Hermigua’s water is of exceptional quality, which is why we encourage our guests to drink tap water and DO NOT buy unnecessary bottles of water, with the consequent plastic waste and extra expense. But we understand that our word is not enough, so we have decided to investigate the quality of water from our water supply.

Our enquiries have provided a very positive outcome. The National Water Supply Information System qualifies the water in Hermigua as being ideal for drinking. But lets find out a bit more about its’ qualities:

1. It is mineral water. Mineral water is obtained from natural or man-made springs and is characterized by its original chemical and microbiological purity. Its subterranean origin confers minerals, trace elements and other components with effects on the human body, as well as guaranteeing its protection against chemical pollution.

2. It is a water of very weak mineralization. That is to say, it is perfect for the elaboration of baby meals or for people with kidney problems, since it contains a very low % of solid residue.

3. It’s low in sodium content. It is very important to consume low sodium water to control and reduce the salt we ingest daily. Not only for people who need to reduce their sodium intake for medical reasons, but in general for anyone who wants to have a balanced and healthy diet. Low sodium water prevents fluid retention and high blood pressure.

4. It has a good ionic balance. In other words, it has a neutral pH, ideal for consumption.

5. The Town Hall is responsible for the purifying of the water, and it carries out filtering, disinfection and chemical treatments that guarantee its sanitary quality. In addition, the information of the quality controls is published regularly in the SINAC. (http://sinac.msssi.es/CiudadanoWeb/ciudadano/informacionAbastecimientoActionCA.do?idRed=15178).

6. In Los Telares we carry out an additional physical filtering to eliminate any further impurity that may have been found.

In addition, and for those who wish to treat their water individually, we offer water filters on request (subject to availability) here: