When in vacations, there are 2 very important things that will remain in our memories very vividly: where we stay and where we eat. First thing solved (hopefully in one of our apartments in Los Telares or in one of our villas, do not forget to check them out), the second is not as easily decided. You have to consider the fact that local recommendations do not always fall on our good side. If we are into fresh fish or wishing for a nice salad, well-served portions… There are many things that are more subjective and related to our own likes and dislikes than to the general opinion of a specific place, specially if this opinion comes from local customers, whose food culture is so different.

This new restaurant “Caprichos de la Gomera” (literally, Cravings of La Gomera), though, is far from a risky choice. We had lunch there once this summer, and we were amazed by the well balanced menu (plenty of nice salads, fish or meat dishes) and the size of these (not to take lightly, we were unable to finish). Fabián Mora, the best-known cook of the island, is a young and educated chef, that having grown at his parent’s restaurant Casa Conchita knows very well how to balance local ingredients with old recipes and new concepts. If these are not good enough for you, the views over the ocean are just as nice. I would say this makes a very interesting dinner spot, as the terrace is also good for a drink later on.

I daresay, the decoration of the place could be improved, should be improved, but if you are able to focus on the views from the windows you are good. If not, you can always look into the pristine kitchen to get an idea of what great dishes are been created inside.

Address: Maritime Avenue Fred Olsen – San Sebastián de La Gomera (La Gomera)
Opening hours: From 12 to 23 hours.