The Shearwater is one of the most well-know birds in the Canary Islands. It is a marine bird that nests in caves on cliffs or near the shoreline.  Their nesting areas are in danger due to the building in coastal areas. It has been catalogued as Endangered species.

Adapted to it’s marine environment, the seawater is ill-equipped for soil landings, something that makes is specially vulnerable to predators. Young shearwaters, in their first flights, can easily be disoriented by artificial lights and fall to the ground. Unfortunately, they are unable then to take flight again from the ground. For those guests at Villa Delfines, this can happen in the area on the months of October and November. If you find one, please do the following:

  1. Capture the bird with a towel. Do not wait to do so, as they can still walk and will easily hide somewhere.
  2. Keep it inside a cardboard box, a material that will not hurt its feathers.
  3. Make some holes on the box so that it gets fresh air.
  4. Once secured, put the box somewhere quiet and safe from rain or direct sun. Call us at +34 922 880 781 or emergency services (112, Guardia Civil, Local Police, Red Cross…).