This week, Hermigua Town Hall has published its new street map. In the new streets it has included names of those inhabitants that have made important contributions to the village. We are proud to announce that our founder Maria Dolores Gamez has been honored by naming the street where our Gofio Mill and Shop Los Telares is located. As the Town Hall published, this is her biography:“Born in Valle Gran Rey (La Gomera) in one of her parent’s visits to their family. She lived her early years at La Palma. She did a Teaching Degree in La Laguna and in 1950 she arrives to Hermigua as a teacher at the local school. Hard-working and creative, she worked extra hours teaching adults the traditional embroidery from La Palma as well as other handcrafting arts. The final exhibit of their works showed great promise, and so she was encouraged to keep up with these activities. From that point on she begun her own atelier where she hired the best artisans to keep weaving and creating their products. With hard work and the increasing demand of their crafts grew a well-known local company that later did expand into the touristic sector. It became one of the island’s largest private initiatives in a moment where being and entrepreneur and a woman were not specially helpful.

Her work and prestige are recognized with numerous awards. She obtained her first medal in 1978. This woman, with her impulse and vision begun an activity that now allows Hermigua to be known abroad and receive thousands of visitors every year.”

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