Our aparthotel will remain operative during the period of the State of Alarm to tend to essential workers

The central government has indicated a total of fourteen tourist lodgings in the Canary Islands, which will remain operational during the period of the State of Alarm to attend to workers whose efforts are essential in the fight against the coronavirus. Among these accommodations is Los Telares, the only one designated in La Gomera.

This is stipulated in the BOE (Official State Gazette) dated Wednesday 25th March 2020, in which it is specified that these accommodations may house personnel who, due to their occupation, cannot be kept confined and must be sent to the island. For example, those dedicated to essential tasks, such as transporters, health personnel and security forces, among others. It can also accommodate people who must move or isolate themselves to care for the elderly, children, dependents, vulnerable people or other cases, in addition to those who, because they are in La Gomera without a home, urgently need temporary accommodation.

“It has taken us completely by surprise,” says Luisa Trujillo, owner and director. “Days ago we had communicated through Ashotel our willingness to house medical or essential personnel if necessary. Of course, it is a great honor to be able to collaborate as we know best with the heroes who every day continue to work for all of us, taking care of our sick and elderly. We are ready to receive them with open arms from this very day”.