I have been delaying this moment, don’t know why, I guess because it is quite hard to introduce something you like so much without raising too much expectations, as this has been our favorite gathering place since I was a teen. It is a place that we all associate with summertime, drinks, friends, partying… Like we say in Spanish, ‘If walls could talk…’.

It has been open for more than 20 years, and it has become a mandatory gathering place for everyone, from kids to elders. The crowd is quite varied, as you can see grannies, parents, singles, teens and kids. It is quite an example of peaceful cohabitation, and all seem to have fun with their respective groups. If you happen to be around in Summertime, you cannot miss their Anniversary party, usually being celebrated around the 15th of August. It has been traditionally a hawaiian party. Last year’s theme was the “white party”. I’m sure this year’s theme is still open to suggestions.

But it isn’t all about the bar. It’s restaurant has a special charm. It’s not just that they have the best beef sirloin in the island (my favorite, with mustard sauce), but also crunchy original pizzas and a large menu of local dishes.

Good service, good company and good kitchen are the trademarks of the place.

Address: Carretera General 102 (Hermigua, La Gomera)
Tel: +34 922 880 304
Opening hours: From 13 to 16 &  19 to 23 h. All weekdays.
Price: 20 to 25 €/person.