Los Telares is a family company with more than 30 years of experience in the touristic sector. When working on tourism and hospitality there is something that will never change. It is a little piece of common sense, but it being obviously so does not mean it is widely acknowledged. Guests are spending a lot on their vacations when they stay with us and on our island, and not all of it is their hardly-earned money. Their reactions and requests might feel extreme at times, specially for those on the receiving end, but the reason is this: there is a lot at stake for them. 1. Their quality time

How many days of vacations do we have per year? And of those, how many do we actually enjoy on a holiday trip? So when guests are on their holidays, they wish not to have problems or conflicts, those are widely present on the rest of the year. They wish to enjoy themselves, nothing else.

If they are reacting badly to small things, I assure you, it’s not because they like making a fuss. It hurts them the most having to argue and complain, they just wish to have the wonderful time they need, and for that, everything has to be smooth.

2. Their expectations, hopes and dreams

They spend most of the year day-dreaming about how lovely the vacations will be, how relaxed they will feel, how in love they will be… They might have even arranged every second, looked at thousands of photos or reviews and checked and re-checked hotel, tours and ferry reservations.

Anyways, reality will never adjust 100% to this ideal. Bad weather, crowded beaches, lost luggage, that ideal landscape looking less ideal, a slight disagreement with their travel mates or an attraction closed due to low season… Either they slowly adjust their expectations to reality or anyone can snap into Hulk-mode after the 2nd or 3rd setback in a row. So yes, sometimes small things become big, because it’s not only about them.

3. And of course, money

Travel is probably one of the last big expenses we do without actually being able to try or touch or see personally before investing. This means we have to make a leap of faith here. With a lot of money on the line. Imagine if you had to buy a sports car without seeing it and then you don’t like it and you can’t just return it. How would you react?

The bottom line here is, we have to work our best to help guests find what they are looking for, even when they don’t know what it is. Patience, a quick response to crisis, understanding and an open communication are the best tools.