This saturday 23rd of March is the opening in Ars Septem Gallery of Hermigua of the exhibit “Borondon (Part I)” of the artist from Tenerife Jorge Pérez Rodríguez.

As legend says, the 22nd of March of 516 a.C. and in the company of 17 monks, departs from Ireland St. Brendan of Ardferd and Clonfert in the search of the mythical Paradise. During the trip, that lasted for 7 years, and at the time of Easter, they decide to land on an island and celebrate a mass. While celebrating the mass, the island started to move and the monks would flee in the ship. That is when St. Brendan figures out that the island is not such, but one of the most ancient marine monsters whose name is Jasconius. This is where the myth of the island of San Borondon is born, named after St. Brendan, an island that appears and disappears at will.

Perez Rodriguez proposal depicts this extraordinary legend and dives in a world of fantastic creatures and scenes. 38 works filled with color and playfully conceived that will impact the audience. Side by side with this work, a sample of local and foreign artists as Miodrag, Lolo Padrón, Roberto Batista, Gregorio Marichal, Julia Martín, Carmen Cólogan, Medín Martín Barrios or Taller del Sol.

The exhibit will be open until the 31st of May from 10 to 19 h from wednesday to sunday.

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