You don’t know how much I wanted to talk about this activity in the blog. There has been almost 2 years that in Hermigua there opened a company dedicated exclusively to the rental of mountain and electric bikes. This company, Telemaco Rent a Bike offers also bicycle guided tours in Hermigua and in Garajonay National Park.

Whoever that has visited La Gomera is aware of the impressive slopes that you have to climb either by foot or with the car, let’s not mention a bicycle. And there is where the good news start. Because electric bicycles are from now on my favorite means of transportation around La Gomera. That you have to climb a hill? No worries, just turn the engine on and keep pedalling as relaxed as in a beach stroll. Because of course, the reason I am able to finally write this article is because Nando, the owner, had the kindness of letting me do a little tour with one of his bikes. And let’s be clear, I am not a fan of bicycles at all, in fact, I have made more kilometers in an exercise bicycle than any other kind.


As I was saying, this springtime I put on my sportswoman costume (not fooling anyone) and I reached the Tasca Telemaco to enjoy my private tour stage with trick. The route we made lasted around 1 hour, and took us through many of the most-known spots of Hermigua. The routes are carefully chosen to seen the most interesting spots in the village and the surroundings with low occupancy roads and a fair amount of viewpoints. Of course, we did the short version of the proposed Hermigua tour, that is 3 hours long and reaches both sides of Hermigua Valley.

The pro’s of going around in an electric bike are many. Fist of all, it is basically effortless. The motor takes charge of all the slopes. Second, it is invigorating. Not only do you make some touristic sightseeing, but you are also feeling soo healthy. Third, it is the perfect combination of speed and sightseeing. The bike doesn’t have the limitations of a car, neither does it imply hours of strenuous walk. You can see and photograph panorama that you have ever been able to watch before. Fourth, you are feeling so good that you cannot stop smiling, waving good-bye and chatting. It is a perfect cure for stress and exhaustion. Fifth, no need to be a biking fan. Anybody can enjoy it. So, what are you waiting for?

Telemaco Rent a Bike proposes several routes with electric bike: Hermigua, Agulo and La Caleta Beach. In any case, the end is a day of fun for everyone and a great photo album. You can see the information in:

Telemaco Rent a Bike

Plaza de la Encarnación 2 (en la Tasca Telémaco)
Hermigua, La Gomera
Tel: 922 880 812 / 657 069 111 / 686 613 289

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Panorámica de Hermigua

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