We found this note in Garajonay National Park official Facebook Site, and it explains the National Park so well we were tempted to post it here. So here it is:

“There are many reasons for walking in the Garajonay National Park, located on the island of La Gomera. Hiking their paths will transport us to earlier times, when mankind had not yet begun their life experience as Homo Sapiens.

Garajonay is an unique evergreen forest, a surviving ancestral of the Tertiary humid forests of Southern Europe. So near the Sahara Desert, it is a rarity that shows this vegetation that covered the Mediterranean and perished when the climate changed and ice covered almost the entire European continent leaving out the Macaronesian region (archipelagos of Cape Verde, Azores, Canaries and Madeira).

The mountains of La Gomera host one of the most unique forests of Europe and Spain: the laurel forest of Garajonay National Park. It safeguards the best sample of this ecosystem under frequent mists, one of the best preserved of the Atlantic Islands.

The laurel rainforests are scarce and threatened, despite its water-retaining role and its enormous biodiversity, that make them important genetic reserves for its high rate of endemism (unique species). Their small size and low resilience make the laurel forests one of the most fragile ecosystems worldwide.

Trekking is therefore the best –and only– way to get to know this unique ancient spirit while safeguarding its essence. In addition to discovering the nuances of this incredible Monteverde of La Gomera and appreciating the varieties of environments that exist in it. Garajonay has various walking paths ranging from small routes for all ages to large circular routes for the true experts. A common feature is that all Park trails are well marked, signposted and regularly maintained.

The Park offers this comprehensive network of paths through different sceneries: from forest valleys to mountaintops, small hidden habitats of great rarity, or beautiful places linked to water or unique species. Garajonay is a real show of lights and eery views with the mists, the darkness of its interior and its wild character.

Walking the network of the National Park is safe for all visitors and for the forest. Continuing the protection and conservation of flora and fauna so unique; allowing mature forests to evolve naturally; keeping the natural balance by preventing the extinction of species that have evolved over millions of years; defending the best freshwater ecosystems of the Canaries… All are reasons for trekking safely in Garajonay. Leisurely, uncrowded, with care.

Walking must be a pleasure and also a responsible act. So stay informed of adverse circumstances or possible suggestions for such activity. Be safe, your safety is ours.”

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