Every year the last weekend of August we celebrate the Festival of El Cedro. This festival is one of the most beautiful of the island because of it’s location, by the Ermit of El Cedro, few meters away from the river and at the shade of the island’s loveliest Laurel Rainforest. There you will be able to see an open-air mass, the traditional gomeran procession with the dancers to the rhythm of “chacaras” (local castagnettes) and drums. Later, families gather with homemade food (don’t forget to take with you some wine or other delicacies as bargaining chip for a bite), guitars and “timples” will follow with traditional singing where skill is not as important as intention.This edition, due to the issues that might arise due to the partial closure of the road linking El Rejo to La Zarcita, the Town Hall of Hermigua will offer free transportation from The Convento to the crossroad of Reventón Oscuro from where minibuses will link to the parking of Las Mimbreras, few meters away from the area. The bus from Hermigua departs at 10:30 on Sunday from El Convento and will be returning at 18:30 h. To join, please request at the Town Hall dialing +34 922 144 040.
Of course, for those willing to stretch their legs, you always have the hiking routes from El Convento or from La Meseta de Hermigua (Hermigua Plateau). We remind the guests interested in participating that you can get further indications, maps and info at our Reception. Enjoy!